Dope Fibers - Ceramic Dope

With this Ceramic Dopes ceramic sealing (Si0²) is evenly and material-savingly applied to the paint surface.

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The Ceramic Dope, which you get here in the format 10x10 cm and in a practical 5-pack, can be used for many applications in the field of vehicle care and vehicle preparation. This cloth is characterised by its suede-like surface structure and its extreme softness. The very short fibres ensure a limited absorption capacity for liquid media. Therefore, the Ceramic Dope helps you to avoid wasting too much of precious sealants and expensive details that would then disappear unused in the cloth. Due to the very soft surface, you can be sure that no scratches or swirls will get into the varnish when using the Suede Cloths, which you would have to remove again afterwards with great effort.

  • Care cloth with suede like structure
  • size 10x10 cm, especially handy
  • extremely soft and with limited
  • suction power
  • therefore no waste of product
  • for the application and polishing of sealants
  • for the application of detailers, dressings and care products
  • ideally suited for use in places that are difficult to access
  • Content: 5 pieces
  • extremely versatile

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