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Perfect finish thanks to a 70/30 mixture

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Microfiber cloth with 70/30 mixture

If you want to achieve the best results when polishing and applying details and waxes, you will be amazed by the detail Dope from Dope Fibers. The microfiber cloth is characterized by a high GSM value, which makes the cloth particularly soft and fluffy. This mainly benefits car paint. Thanks to 500 GSM microfiber, paint can be treated even more gently. For example, scratches after the finish are a thing of the past. Use the detail Dope Cloth from Dope Fibers for:

  • Application of details
  • Polishing details
  • Polishing waxes
  • Cleaning of high-gloss components in the interior
The detail Dope microfiber cloth shines through a 70/30 mixture. This means that each cloth is made of 70 polyester and 30 polyamide. This composition makes the plush fibers particularly supple, so that surpluses can be absorbed by the cloth during the finish. The result is clean and smooth surfaces.

Soft plush fibers due to high polyamide content

The usual composition of all Dope Fibers care cloths is a material mixture of 70 polyesters and 30 polyamide. Not so with the detail Dope. In these microfiber cloths, the polyamide content is much higher, which makes the cloth even softer than the other microfiber cloths on offer by Dope Fibers. Convince yourself of the easy handling and professional polishing. Every detail Dope has a size of 40 cm x 40 cm and has soft plush fibers. In addition, each microfiber cloth has a soft, laser-cut edge.

Convince yourself of the long service life of the detail dope. With correct care, the cloths can be used again and again. Clean the toiletries in the washing machine. You can wash them up to 60 degrees. Avoid the subsequent drying in the dryer. Similarly, the microfiber cloths should not be ironed in order not to destroy the fibers.
Do not wash softeners and chemical cleaners. So you will enjoy the detail Dope wipes from Dope Fibers for longer.

We would be pleased to advise you in more detail On the details Dope. Just tell us if you need advice on the correct application or if you have a question about the material composition. We are happy to help you.

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Mustafa A.: I bought it out of interest. Fibres are really super soft and you notice the positive difference when you have already had more than 20 different varieties in your hand. I found the quality surprisingly good. I can recommend it! I will often buy dopefibers.

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Alexander M.: An incredibly soft cloth in an unusual different colour. The processing quality is top and with correct care or correct washing, with microfiber detergent, you get something of it for a long time and it remains like on the first day. I can't say what exactly makes this cloth so soft, but I'm always looking forward to working with it again. I use this cloth for processing details. Clear recommendation

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